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the Kinky Matchmaker

Why it works

Save the embarrassment, struggle and wasted time hoping your vanilla dating attempts are going to be successful. Only go on dates with people that you know for certain have similar interests to yours. Guaranteed. 

Kink Alignment

Kink alignment dating
the Kinky Matchmaker

With almost a decade of experience speaking in depth with people about their kink range and specific interests, I've honed my skill set and will help you identify what you're specifically looking for. Then I will introduce you to amazing potential matches who are a good fit for your sexy preferences. 

An Established Name 

Shayne Black the Curator of Kink
Jins' Lair : Elite Domination

I promise you everyone thinks their kinks are weird and outlandish. More often than not, it's a unique twist to what most would consider fairly normal. Then again, sometimes you are a little freaky, and I will help you find the complimentary freak to match you. 

Avoid Awkward

Hiding embarassment
Avoid awkward

Imagine walking in knowing you're 3 steps ahead of the game, right off the bat. That's power my friends. You can move straight to evaluating all the other important pillars of compatibility without worrying if your sex life is going to be fire.  Dating is hard enough, let's elevate the experience!

Date with Confidence

Date with confidence
Find the sun to your moon

How many years have you waited? Perhaps you even got married to someone who wasn't ultimately what you needed in a partner. Do you have the time to spend making sure you're on the same page? Let me help you get your time back. 

Saved Time

Saved time
Live life to the fullest
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